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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Creepshow 2 (1987)


       "Thanks for the ride, lady"

Creepshow 2 (1987) is an anthology horror film sequel to Creepshow (1982). Creepshow 2 is directed by Michael Gornick who was George A. Romero's cinematographer on the original Creepshow.

Creepshow 2 contains three stories written by George A. Romero and based on Stephen King short stories. It also has a strange mostly animated framing story that follows around a boy who reads the (fictional) Creepshow comic.

The makeup and special effects in this film are definately not as good as the original, but they're not at all bad either. I think my favorite thing was the lake monster, I have no idea how they did that and it looked amazing. I also love the way they did the makeup on people when it attacked so it looked like it was eating the flesh right off of them. Really awesome stuff!

The acting is good all across the board here (which seems kind of rare for an anthology film.) Every actor in the film seemed to have a good casual acting and then then also a good 'scared' acting too, which sounds weird to say but sadly I've noticed in a lot of horror films the actors are pretty bad at pretending they're freaked out.

The worst thing about the writing in this film is the dialogue. It's clunky, people say stuff no one would really say out loud and worst of all it throws off the otherwise capable actors.

I like the fact that this film has an animated framing story, I just have no idea what the point was! The animation itself is actually quite terrible, and the story just kind of meanders and follows this boy and doesn't really have a point to it.

My favorite thing about this movie are the stories. This film only has three stories and they're definitely quality over quantity. It helps to have three stories because they get a full thirty minutes each and nothing seems rushed, and you have plenty of time to get to know the characters. They all kind of fall into the horror movie stock ending of "and everybody died!" but at least its fun along the way getting there. I think my favorite story was The Raft but they're all very enjoyable. I think this is the first time since Tales from the Crypt (1972) that a movie on this list actually seemed to capture the same feeling as reading the old EC Comics stories that a bunch of these movies are tributes to, so in that regard this film is definitely more successful than the original Creepshow.

I'm in the minority that thinks that Creepshow 2 (1987) is far better than the original. I think I like the concept of the original Creepshow, but I think it was pulled off a lot more successfully in Creepshow 2.

3.5/5 Stars.

 Happy watching!

This review is part of my 2014 run of 13 Nights of Macabre Movies! Tune in tomorrow as I review the (widely accepted) unofficial sequel to this film Tales from the Darkside: The Movie .

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