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Monday, October 27, 2014

Hood of Horror (2006)


       "Man, go f*ck yourself. N*gga!"

Hood of Horror (2006), sometimes known as Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror, is an anthology horror film that is a cross between Tales of the Crypt (1972), Creepshow (1982) and  Tales from the Hood (1995

The story presents three "urban" African American-themed stories spun together with a framing story starring a fictional Snoop Dogg, in his new job as a "hound of hell." 

One thing I can say about this movie is that it is an interesting concept. This is why I was curious enough to check it out, and I can't say I was disappointment it was actually very interesting in the end.

I really didn't care for the stories presented here, but then again I'm not really the target audience so I'm not sure how much my opinion really matters at all truthfully. I liked the concept of the first story "Crossed Out," which was probably my favorite but I felt the morals trying to be presented were very muddy to say the least. I feel it could have been done a lot better. Likewise I felt the concept of "Rapsody Askew" was an interesting choice for the film, but there really wasn't a whole lot to it. One simple twist and then you're yawning through it. Most of the stories felt like there really just wasn't enough content to them. The movie is 88 minutes, but you factor in the added gore and sex, the long opening titles, the ten-minute rap music video they called credits and there's not much real content in the film.

The other reason the stories stunk was their gratuitous amounts of added gore and sex, they really seemed to go over board in these departments. And it weighs down the stories, feels unnecessary as they do it, and not to mention is highly unrealistic!

The framing story here is also down right terrible. I think(?) what they're trying to be clever and point out a parallel between the hood and purgatory? But it's all very heavy handed and not well pulled off. Why was the dwarf Satan? Because it'd be funny? Why was the dwarf vomiting all the time? Same reason.

The acting in this film is across the board terrible. I don't know who thought Snoop Dogg could act (probably Snoop?) But even the actors who can act like Jason Alexander and Billy Dee Williams end up in these very cartoony roles that are just plain silly.

Even though I don't listen to much Rap or Hip hop I must admit I thought the soundtrack to this film was quite good! Probably the worst song was Snoop's film tie-in but I'm willing to let that pass. I actually don't know why more films don't use Hip hop soundtracks, it can be very cinematic and definitely set a mood just as well as anything else.

I also really enjoyed the opening animated sequence, which was a collaboration by Madhouse and Titmouse, two of the best animation studios in the industry right now. I wish this was on a better film, but at least it improved the film, and gave a little more weight to Snoop's "acting."

Hood of Horror (2006), did not grab me at all. But I found it interesting to say the least.

2/5 Stars.

Happy watching!

This review is part of my 2014 run of 13 Nights of Macabre Movies! Tune in tomorrow as I review another different take on the anthology horror film, tomorrow I review the fully animated, French film Fear(s) of the Dark (2007).

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